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About Dr. Voyages

Dr. Harry Kimon Voyages

Born February 8, 1949

Dr. Harry Voyages graduated from Hellenic College in Boston, Massachusetts and then went on to Columbia Institute of Chiropractic in NY. Graduated December 1974. After Chiropractic school I worked with my father Dr. Kimon Voyages for 1 year who had a veryChiropractor successful Chiropractic practice on W 34th St New York City, NY & in Valley Stream Long Island, NY for 40 years.

I decided to move to Fort Lauderdale Florida to start my own practice in 1975 and have been in the same location for the past 37 years.

My practice consists of all diversified techniques of adjusting and therapies including acupuncture.  

Other Work…

I was the Chiropractic Consultant for the 1986 World Series Champions New York Mets.  I was also the Cardinal Gibbons High School's Chiropractor for the Wrestling and Football Team. Kimon and Tara

I also worked with Boyd Anderson High School.  

I also specialize in nutrition.  My father was one of the first pioneers of nutritional health awareness and started his own vitamin company (Solgar Vitamins).  

My father and I have taken care of some of the most prominent body builders in the world and I still actively take care of body builders and many other celebrity figures.  

I was also head coach for my son Kimon in football and little league baseball teams for 15 years.  

Additionally I am an avid Harley Davidson owner and take care of many other Harley Davidson riders which vary in multiple occupations and lifestyles.  

Family of Chiropractors and Bodybuilding… Dr. Voyages

Along with My father being a Chiropractor my brother Dr. Dane Voyages was also in practice with my father for many years. After my father deceased he took over his practice until his untimely passing in 1999.

My father (known for best legs) is former Jr. Mr. America in 1942, Mr. NY State and many other titles, also I.F.B.B judge. As well as held the pushup title for many years.  Who worked for Ben and Joe Weider since 1962.


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